Podium Finish: Coffee Table Books

Sometimes we need a little creative distraction. Here’s the podium finish for coffee table books.

  1. Visual Explanations by Edward Tufte: How to stop a plague with a great graph! Fascinating book that will help your charts and presentations tell clear, compelling stories.
  2. Extraordinary Chickens by Stephen Green-Armytage: two words for you…Polish Frizzle!
  3. Minipops by Craig Robinson: somehow celebrities become fascinating when drawn 12 pixels tall.

Your comments: which coffee table book got robbed of a top spot on the podium?

images from Amazon.com


4 thoughts on “Podium Finish: Coffee Table Books”

    1. Thanks for the links Chris. What do you suggest instead of Excel that is “business friendly”? Tufte also has an essay explaining how PowerPoint default formatting is the least effective form of human communication…

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