Podium Finish: Top 3 Ways to Go Wireless at Work

Wires. So last century. Here are three great gadgets to de-clutter your stand-up workstation, while you earn some gear cred from your co-workers.

  1. sony wireless headsetSony wireless headphones. Listen to music through your computer with these lightweight, comfortable and long range headphones (not Bluetooth, USB). If you use a VOIP “soft-phone” on your computer, you will love these even more (the mic works well either stowed or extended). Sony also makes another model that looks less like futuristic military gear, although I cannot personally vouch for the quality. You will have to provide a mini-USB cable to charge it.
  2. Microsoft Arc Touch MouseMicrosoft Arc Touch Mouse. A repeat from my Podium Finish for road warrior gearFolds flat with a magnet underneath to keep the USB receiver stowed. Works on every surface I’ve tried except a glass conference table. if you’re sick of the little red nub on your laptop, this mouse will cure you.
  3. 41M9WbK3MDL._SL75_Jabra SPEAK 510. High quality speakerphone for your softphone or mobile. USB connection as well as Bluetooth. The main downside of this product is the increased difficulty of ditching a conference call in order to fetch more donuts because of “a nasty echo.”

Leave a comment if you’ve got a contender for a wireless gadget that should grab a spot on the podium!


4 thoughts on “Podium Finish: Top 3 Ways to Go Wireless at Work”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Rather than have multiple devices all with SIM cards and data packages, I have an LTE wireless hotspot. Connects up to 5 devices to 3G/4G under a single data plan. How did I live without it!

  2. I have a 3G/4G wireless hotspot. Beats having the laptop and tablet both with separate data plans, and also minimises the data usage on my phone, keeping it for genuine mobile data, not just around the office/home. I can connect up to 5 devices with it, highly recommended!

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