Make Your Career Engine a Hybrid

A handful of engine technologies are vying to overtake the traditional gasoline internal combustion model (recently the Economist expounded the benefits of modern diesel designs). Regardless of your opinions on the future of the automobile, think about what moves you ahead at work: from where do you get power and efficiency?

Hybrid automobile engines appeal to designers and consumers because they have complementary power sources. High torque, low power electric motors are best for low speed maneuvering (like when it gets real in the Whole Foods parking lot) and straight line cruising; gasoline power kicks in for acceleration.

Taking this analogy to our careers, we need a strong set of skills to work efficiently and must tap into passion for what we do for the toughest moments. At any given time, on any day or project, either your skills or passion are providing the main motivation behind your work. When you run out of one, you had better have a reserve of the other to tap into – before you find yourself standing still.

Try to become more aware of the moments when you are at one end or another of the spectrum between skill and passion. Proofreading slides for the monthly management report? All skill. That sales meeting where the prospective customer tucks your business card into his planner right behind one from your biggest competitor? Bring on the passion.  Find ways to hone your skills and tap into your passion more deeply, and you will have the power and efficiency you need to keep moving ahead at high speed in your career.

Thanks to Marc St Pierre for this inspiration

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