Podium Finish: Top 3 Office Productivity Apps

For the millions (billions?) of us who spend our working hours in front of a computer screen, there seem to be millions of choices for plug-ins, apps, and software programs designed to make knowledge work more productive. Below are my current top 3, based on how often I use them and the total positive gain in utility I have experienced (don’t ask me for the underlying data for that metric!).

What have I missed? Which ones are better? Leave a comment and let me know.

  1. pmg-Logo-Lync-28x25-bluehangouts logoVideo-enabled Instant Messaging: Google Hangouts / Microsoft Lync. Ok, I’m taking the easy way out by not picking a clear winner in this category, but I use them both daily (on my Microsoft-obliged corporate laptop and my private LLC Googled-up laptop) and I’m equally satisfied. Both have on-demand screen sharing and group video/audio capabilities, and both are tightly integrated to their respective email and file management applications.trello-logo-b-300x175
  2. Plan, track, and organize anything: Trello. With clean, intuitive, and infinitely customizable interfaces for a browser or mobile device, Trello has been my go-to organization and collaboration tool for projects ranging from software product development to recruiting to home improvement to job searching. I could go on … or you could just go start using it yourself.
  3. logo_thinkcellFast, high-quality, complex charts for presentations: Think-cell. I really wish I could have all the hours of my life back that I spent building Gantt charts, bubble charts, marimekkos, and waterfall charts with rectangles and convoluted Excel macros before I discovered think-cell.

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