Stressed? Here’s the MBTA Approach

With the recent ongoing snow storms in Boston, we’ve all been feeling stressed. There are many stress management techniques to choose from, and I thought looking at the MBTA as a case study would provide another perspective. Hey, they are a $1.8b revenue company that managed to turn a profit last year, so they must be doing something right…right?

The Onion recommends a similar technique to improve health and professional satisfaction
The Onion recommends a similar technique to improve health and professional satisfaction
  1. Pretend nothing’s wrong while your performance suffers. This includes telling people about problems long after they’ve happened, providing hopelessly optimistic expectations, and general denial that anything’s wrong.
  2. Shut down completely. Give people a few hours’ notice, and then just stop doing your job for a while. Maybe you will take the opportunity to resign from your job. If, however, you’ve chosen a temporary shutdown, continue to step 3.
  3. Resume underperformance combined with abject denial of any problem. Maybe you’ve drawn inspiration from the thought that every crisis in life is temporary. Maybe you’ve realized you are a publicly funded monopoly without any real consequences for failure. Either way, keep your head high while you flail!

We can learn from any case study, whether it is a success or failure. Hopefully you’ll find a more effective stress management technique on your way to career fulfillment. Have any suggestions? Leave a comment.


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