When your colleagues say “now,” what do they mean?

Here is a quick and lighthearted post that may or may not be based on actual experiences working with folks in different functional teams.

How would different people in your company answer the question, “when you say ‘we can do that now,’ what exactly do you mean?”Modern-Clock-Wall-clock-by_D0D60BD6

Product Manager (in a software business): I need another week for the fifth revision to the user story before it’s done.

Software Engineering (in a software business): There are a ton of bugs, we are still testing, and if you’re lucky it will ship in next month’s release.

Maintenance (in an industrial business): We finished the repairs last week and the open work orders are in my queue somewhere. Have you not been running that equipment?

Process Engineering (in an industrial business): I’ve reviewed the data set and it’s got a few outliers…I’d propose another 5-6 weeks of baseline study before we make any moves.

Sales: I’ve had one meeting with him/her, but I sold to his/her boss three jobs ago so we can probably push the contract through before the end of the quarter.

Finance: Once we verify those transactions, you’ll see them post to the accounts in the next 30-90 days.

Legal: You can’t do that; it hasn’t been approved.

image credit: thisnext.com

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