Podium Finish: Vacation Book Authors

Summer is here again and that means vacation for many of us. Here is my selection for the Podium Finish for best vacation book authors. Rather than picking specific books, I’ve named three authors with books of different styles–I hope some of them resonate with you. Apologies that some are a bit older…toddlers are a very effective anti-relaxation device on any vacation!

  1. Haruki Murakami: 1Q84 (his latest), Norweigian Wood (the first of his I read), What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (non-fiction), A Wild Sheep Chase (out there).
  2. Anthony Bourdain: before he sold out on TV, he wrote great books. Kitchen Confidential (expose of the food biz), A Cook’s Tour (where is the best meal in the world?), Bone in the Throat (he wrote murder mysteries first)
  3. Aldous Huxley: when your body is in a new place for vacation, send your mind to a whole new world. Island is my favorite short story, Brave New World is a classic.

If you like any of these, or think your favorite deserves a spot on the podium, leave a comment!

Podium Finish: Gear for the Road!

Whether you commute short distances or long hauls, your journey will be better with these items that grabbed podium spots for best gear for the road.

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse, Shure SE425 earphones, Contigo mug

Podium Finish: Strike!

Leaving our vacation last week, my family was fortunate to avoid the delays and inconvenience that many other travelers experienced when airport firemen went on strike. That prompted me to recall many other picket lines I’ve seen, to select the top three fixtures of any good strike. While I respect workers’ (or anyone’s) rights to assemble and exercise free speech, every picket line I’ve seen has done more harm than good to my willingness to support their positions…especially the ones with the rat!

Podium finish: Rant videos!

Sometimes a leader under pressure just needs to let loose. Sadly, some of the more flagrant CLMs (career limiting moves) are captured on video to be streamed around the world. Yes we can learn what not to do from these examples…we can also just laugh:

  1. Classic “Do it live!!”
  2. Wait for the “she’s fired”
  3. Chris Berman shows a hint of self awareness 30 seconds too late

Who do you think deserves a spot on the podium? Leave a comment!

Podium Finish: Coffee Table Books

Sometimes we need a little creative distraction. Here’s the podium finish for coffee table books.

  1. Visual Explanations by Edward Tufte: How to stop a plague with a great graph! Fascinating book that will help your charts and presentations tell clear, compelling stories.
  2. Extraordinary Chickens by Stephen Green-Armytage: two words for you…Polish Frizzle!
  3. Minipops by Craig Robinson: somehow celebrities become fascinating when drawn 12 pixels tall.

Your comments: which coffee table book got robbed of a top spot on the podium?

images from Amazon.com