Performance Coaching

Are you reaching your potential? Is it Fun yet?

We are all capable of accomplishing outstanding things and living fulfilling lives.  At times we can lose sight of our goals, wander down a side track, or just stop enjoying the ride. Even when we are at our best, could we get there faster with a new idea or approach? An external coach who can be objective yet empathetic, will help you accelerate your learning, development, and enjoyment both professionally and personally.

Get there faster, and enjoy the journey: Performance Coaching

Performance coaching methodically helps you identify and remove the barriers to your personal development, professional success, and overall satisfaction. In recent years, the coaching industry has expanded and a number of certification processes exist. While I want to be clear I do not (currently) carry any external accreditation, I have codified the coaching method that I’ve developed in 11+ years of consulting to Fortune 500 businesses and with colleagues in an organization (Stroud) with an intense culture of feedback and development. After hearing from my clients and team members enough times that “you’d make a great coach,” I launched this page.

How to get started: our first conversation, no obligations

Start by contacting me to arrange a 15-30 minute phone call. We’ll cover some of the basics about your current situation and what you’d like to change. You’ll get a sense of my coaching style and personality. If we agree there is a fit, we’ll discuss a schedule of subsequent conversations and fee structure tailored to the urgency and complexity of your situation. The important part is that you find an ally to help you break through your current challenge — if that isn’t me, I’ll help you find one.

An overview of my approach to performance coaching

If you are looking for “break glass, pull lever” help in a crisis, we’ll keep it simple and focus on the challenge at hand. Over a series of performance coaching sessions we would follow a sequence such as:

  1. Understanding yourself
    1. Values, Purpose
    2. Strengths, Development Areas, Blind Spots
  2. Understanding your objectives
    1. Personal, professional
    2. Timelines and trade-offs over the medium term
  3. Understanding how you develop at the fastest pace
    1. Most effectie learning methods & feedback styles
    2. Your network of formal and informal coaches
    3. Setting incentives to reinforce behavior change
  4. Developing your performance plan
    1. set cascading and interlocking goals
    2. agree measurable milestones and “leading indicators” of success
    3. specify behavioral changes linked to goals
  5. Ongoing support as you execute the plan
    1. support, reinforcement, encouragement
    2. help to address the unexpected
    3. celebrate success and update the plan

You can break through to the next level … I’ll help you get a flying start. Get in touch to schedule your complementary first performance coaching session.


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  1. I want to say thank you, this help me out a lot with knowing and dealing with the difference between coaching,training,teaching.

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