Podium Finish: Top 3 Ways to Go Wireless at Work

Wires. So last century. Here are three great gadgets to de-clutter your stand-up workstation, while you earn some gear cred from your co-workers.

  1. sony wireless headsetSony wireless headphones. Listen to music through your computer with these lightweight, comfortable and long range headphones (not Bluetooth, USB). If you use a VOIP “soft-phone” on your computer, you will love these even more (the mic works well either stowed or extended). Sony also makes another model that looks less like futuristic military gear, although I cannot personally vouch for the quality. You will have to provide a mini-USB cable to charge it.
  2. Microsoft Arc Touch MouseMicrosoft Arc Touch Mouse. A repeat from my Podium Finish for road warrior gearFolds flat with a magnet underneath to keep the USB receiver stowed. Works on every surface I’ve tried except a glass conference table. if you’re sick of the little red nub on your laptop, this mouse will cure you.
  3. 41M9WbK3MDL._SL75_Jabra SPEAK 510. High quality speakerphone for your softphone or mobile. USB connection as well as Bluetooth. The main downside of this product is the increased difficulty of ditching a conference call in order to fetch more donuts because of “a nasty echo.”

Leave a comment if you’ve got a contender for a wireless gadget that should grab a spot on the podium!