Don’t be “that guy” at the gym this winter

bush_doing_it_wrong_1The essence of getting constructive feedback is finding out that you’re doing it wrong. If you read my recent post on soliciting feedback, you’ve probably got a bunch of great ideas about what to do differently around the office. A handful of folks have asked me for ideas on how to work off a few extra holiday pounds, so I’m switching gears with this post and sharing some of my accumulated fitness insights. The main message is that for winter workouts, find something that burns a high number of calories per hour, keeps you mentally engaged, and most importantly learn the right form so you don’t get hurt and end up being “that guy” who has to explain his gym injury at the office.

  1. concept 2 strokeMy number one winter workout is indoor rowing because it allows you to burn calories and build strength from hands to toes. It is equally impressive because >80% of people who sit down on a Concept 2 are going to hurt either themselves or the machine. Watch this video to learn the basic stroke; never set the resistance to 10 and never lift the handle over your knees. Fun personal note: I competed in the 2009 C.R.A.S.H.-B.’s as a “lightweight” and was a raging pile of adrenaline all day. I’m sorry, Suzanne.
  2. Number 2 on the list is cross-country skiing (specifically, skate-skiing). If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world with the right conditions for XC skiing, you probably don’t own sunscreen. Skate-skiing, nonetheless, is a great cardio workout, and way more fun than nordic. Check out these videos to learn how. Fun personal note: I learned to XC ski on the Ptarmigan Ski Trails during my 4 winters in Fort McMurray, AB. And in 4 years, the number of times I skied in daylight: once.
  3. corpse poseFinally, I’m going to recommend yoga to round out your winter workout. There are many, many styles of yoga to choose from, and if all goes wrong, you can just do some deep breathing with your eyes closed in Shavasana (corpse pose).¬†Fun personal note: Just this week during my overall favorite yoga class, the instructor (Marc St Pierre) stopped the class to call everyone over to see how terrible my shoulder posture was, and offer some remedial help. I was absolutely doing it wrong! And I will be back tomorrow for more yoga with Marc…